Why is an interior designer needed and what tasks does she perform?

Why is an interior designer needed and what tasks does it perform? – the most common question that will be answered by the chief designer of Lavrov Design studio – Natalie Lavrova.The main goal of the designer is to help the client not make mistakes and ease the difficult period of repairing his home.
And here are 5 main reasons to hire a designer:

✅ Cost Savings
Exact calculation of materials will help to avoid unnecessary expenses: how much tiles are needed for an apron or whether it is worth overpaying for a brand of paint for the ceiling.

✅ Save time
You do not waste time first to figure out how to arrange the kitchen, then to find exactly one, and then to explain to the builders how to install this kitchen. You do not go round shop after shop, hoping to see a tile that you like, plumbing that would fit this tile …

✅ Ergonomics and functionality
Designers are experienced and understand what should be in your home. Therefore, the width of your corridor will not be so narrow that it will not be possible to bring a stroller, and the distance from the sofa to the TV will not harm your eyes.

✅ Uniqueness and aesthetics
The market for furniture, materials, textiles and technologies, as well as their prices, is huge! And in order to be aware of this you need to know hundreds of Internet resources, attend exhibitions, communicate with suppliers and furniture makers, which is what the designer does.

✅ Technical factor
Without the drawings for the construction team, a competent implementation of the conceptual idea is impossible, and the correct miscalculation of consumables and equipment in the future will help to avoid misunderstandings on both sides.

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