3 modern trends in interior design, revived from the past

3 modern trends in interior design, revived from the past #lavrov_inspiration

Wallpapers with natural motifs

Trending wallpapers with natural ornaments, which are now found not only in living rooms, but also in bathrooms and kitchens. The accents on the walls create both active patterns with tropical plants, and delicate compositions in which patterns of flowers and birds intertwine.

Micro-living and transformer furniture

Micro-living is a modern trend and a demand for compact housing with a minimum living space. Most often, small apartments are equipped with furniture transformers, allowing you to organize the most functional space.

Invisible kitchens are again gaining popularity – designers are trying to hide kitchen modules behind sliding facades, which form a solid “wall” when moving.

Marbling: trencadis and terrazzo

Natural marble coatings and analogues imitating its texture are found everywhere in residential and public interiors. Finishing materials and surfaces made using the techniques of terrazzo and trenkandis are especially in demand. In both cases, inserts of fragments of chipped marble, as well as stones and glass, connected by a cement or lime base, are used.


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