What to do next? #lavrov_interiors

After the acquisition of housing, the next question – what to do next? For many, repair is a frightening process.

The main thing to understand is that the project, like the repair itself, is a systematic process that professionals must deal with in order to avoid constant alterations, loss of time and unlimited construction. Even before you search for designers, you yourself need to understand what you ultimately want and draw up a technical task.

Choosing a designer should be a responsible choice, since giving beautiful pictures and general schemes is not a finished result. A specialist – an architect / designer or studio must perform a number of services, and only then you will get what you approved in the design project, not exceeding your planned budget for repairs!

  1. Selection of finishing materials, departures to salons, equipment, organization of order logistics.
  2. Calculation of construction estimates and estimates for decorative materials.
  3. Architectural supervision and construction / repair.
  4. Acts of work performed and quality control at all stages.
  5. Making adjustments to the project (before the construction progress).
  6. Providing advice on the selection and ordering of furniture, household appliances, etc.

It is better to choose an integrated approach, that is, one organization or collaboration of design and construction specialists, be sure to sign the contract, as well as the described boundaries of responsibility. Otherwise, you risk getting a huge amount of problems during the repair process, and not small bills for additional work.

Work only with specialists! Get only the best results! And most importantly – enjoy the process and positive emotions!
Good luck to all!


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