What is a town house?

What is a town house? #lavrov_architecture

Townhouses became a worthy alternative to apartments in new multi-storey complexes. Some realtors believe the future is behind this type of housing.

A townhouse is a low-rise house of the European type, divided into several apartments with common side walls and roofs, but having separate exits and entrances.

These are urban cottages, surrounded by a small plot of land, with a territory for a garage or small parking. On the one hand, an apartment in a townhouse is an opportunity to live almost in your own house, surrounded by nature. On the other hand, townhouses are located in the city, so they can not be called houses in the village.

In two- or three-story houses, most often the first floor is reserved for common rooms: entrance hall, kitchen, living room. The upper floors are used for personal rooms of the owners, bedrooms, bathrooms and dressing rooms.

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