Questionnaire for a customer

CUSTOMER’S QUESTIONNAIRE ??‍♀️ #lavrov_interiors

… or what is needed to start working with design specialists⁉️

1. At the first meeting, even before the measurements of the object, it is important to have the initial information:
– BTI apartment plan.
– References – pictures, links or screenshots of interiors, interior details that you would like to see at home.

2. To prepare general theses on the appointment of the necessary premises or redevelopment. Family composition and / or requirements of individuals who will live / work in these premises.

3. Description of the main technical conditions at your facility:
– Availability, location and number of conclusions of the sewerage and water supply.
– General input of electricity to an object, rated rated load power in amperes.
– The ability to dismantle / install partitions or building envelopes (important if there is a need to attach a balcony / loggia to the room).

4. Information / wishes about alarm systems, automation or smart functions.

Having thoroughly prepared for the first meeting, you will not only save time, but also get
The result that meets your wishes as quickly as possible. ?

The key to a quick and high-quality result in engineering or design is a mutual and confidential collaboration between you and a specialist!

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