5 documentaries on design and art

For those who want to not only take time, but also learn something new about the industry, we recommend that you watch 5 documentary series about the secrets of professional skill and the history of visual culture.

1. Abstract: The Art of Design

Netflix’s documentary series was released in 2017 – eight stories about fashion, graphic designers and architects show not only how the pros work, but also tells what tricks they use and what they want to say with their work.

2. The Murder of Gianni Versace: American Crime History

The art story about the life and murder of the legendary designer Gianni Versace was released in 2018 and this is a good way to explore the life of the brand.

3. Design Geniuses

The 2010 BBC miniseries is five episodes about the role of design in history, from the beginning of the 18th century to the present. Each episode reveals an important episode in the development of design: from industrialization, through the futuristic Bauhaus to plastic design of the 20th century.

4. Series of artists by Hillman Curtis

The project of designer Hilman Curtis started in 2014 and consists of a series of interviews with modern designers and artists about the work of their studios, production and branding. For 15 minutes of the interview, he reveals the secrets that have been kept for years.

5. BBC: The Power of Art

Each of the eight episodes of Simon Cham explores the biography of the artist and one of his key works, including Vincent Van Gogh’s Wheat Field and Pablo Picasso’s Guernica.

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